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5 Reasons Running In Fall Is THE Best

Sep 21,2017

With the first day of fall quickly approaching, we decided to take a look at all of the reasons why running in fall is the best season to run in! From hoodies to pumpkin spice lattes, this season is a favorite of many people - runners or not. Keep reading below to see why you should be pumped to start training in fall!

Reason #1: The leaves are changing

Fall is easily the most beautiful time of year to get out and hit the trails! All the foliage has put on bright fall colors, which makes for a more visually appealing run than in other seasons. Take in this time of change, and enjoy the smell of fall in the air!

Reason #2: Perfect running temperatures

With the weather cooling down and less humidity in the air, fall changes those muggy unpleasant summer runs into irresistible running conditions. You know you’re a runner when you wake up and see 50 degrees on the thermostat and think “Woo! Perfect running weather!”.

Reason #3: ALL the yummy food

Let’s be real - with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas quickly approaching, we could all use extra run time to make room for all of the extra calories we’ll be ingesting. Looking at you, pumpkin spice latte.

Reason #4: The running clothes are better

We might be a bit biased on this one, but who doesn’t love layering up and getting cozy before going on a run? Two words: running leggings. Need we say more?

Reason #5: Fun runs!

Fall races are full of runners dressed up in fun costumes and celebrating the season. Compared to the competitive races of spring and summer, fun runs are a laid back change for anyone who wants to get out and have a good time! You can find a run for you no matter what your fitness level.

It’s time to get out and get moving this fall! What’s your favorite season to run in? Comment below!

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Top 5 Places To Run In Salt Lake City!

May 25,2017

Salt Lake City is an exciting, urban area among beautiful scenery and outdoor recreational activities. You can’t miss the magnificent Wasatch Mountain Range to the East, and the cheerful Great Salt Lake waters to the West. There are a great deal of things to do downtown, including a large variety of restaurants, clubs, and historic buildings to visit. The Salt Lake area is well-known for its wide range of outdoor activities--from skiing, to hiking, to running, we’ve got it all! We thought we would kick off the summer by sharing our top 5 places to run in Salt Lake City.

Red Butte Gardens Loop

For anyone that likes a good trail run, this trail is full of beautifully bloomed flowers, and it’s hard not to stop and enjoy the scenery! Spring and early summer are the best times to view the colorful flower field.  The trail begins at University of Utah Hospital, goes past Red Butte Gardens, and loops around in multiple trailheads back to the start. Overlooking the Salt Lake Skyline, this is the perfect trail to run during any season.  

Memory Grove

Memory Grove is another great location if you’re looking for some simple, enjoyable trails to run. This trail is family and dog friendly. Along the trail, you will be able to find memorials of war veterans and the famous Memorial House.  You will also pass by the Harbor of Beauty, a pond full of memorials for sailors who lost their lives in numerous wars. Running this trail will give more than just a nice workout, but also time to reflect on and appreciate those we remember in this grove.

Sugarhouse Park

Sugarhouse Park Trail is a beautifully paved, neighborhood running trail for those that like to get their running done quickly and efficiently. It loops around Sugar House Park right next to Highland High School. The inner loop is about 1.4 miles and the outer loop is about 1.85 miles. This charming park is known for its well-trimmed, healthy green grass. The park has plenty of space and two playgrounds for your children to play while you get your run on!

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

If you’re looking for a challenge, head over to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The trail begins down in City Creek Canyon and veers along the Wasatch Mountains. It stretches for 100 miles total out of the many directions and trailheads to choose from. This trail rests on the Bonneville Shelf, remains from Lake Bonneville that used to be part of the great body of water that covered Utah and stretched out to Idaho and Nevada. BST is a common local trail filled with runners, mountain bikers, and dog walkers. Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen on this trail as most of it is exposed to the sun!

Jordan River Parkway

Jordan River Parkway is a local favorite that provides a quiet, well-maintained, and peaceful place for runners, hikers, and bikers. It connects all the way through Utah, Salt Lake, and Davis County. This paved trail is a perfect mixture of cool mountain air and smooth running pavement for those that like to enjoy nature but don’t want to worry about rocky terrain. The extension from Rose Park to Glendale Park Golf Course runs for 8.1 miles passing Jordan River and various parks. If you need a break, don’t forget to stop by Jordan Parks to see the International Peace Gardens!

These are only a few of the many beautiful trails the Salt Lake has to offer—we would love to hear your favorites! Comment your favorite running trails below!

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