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Give Back With TGIR!

May 15,2017

Here at The Great Inflatable Race, we believe in giving back. We think that communities that come together to have a good time can also inspire change! This is why we work to partner with local charities in every city we go to! We don’t want the money you donate to go to some faceless organization where you never get to see or experience the results. The charities we choose to partner with directly benefit YOU and your community!

                Not only do a portion of the proceeds from every ticket go towards the chosen charity in your city, but you can also make direct donations through our website! If money is a little tight, you can also learn more about each charity on our “locations” page and donate your time! A lot of the charities we partner with would love to have you as a volunteer! Just a little of your time can make a huge difference in the lives of others.   

We have seen some great results from partnering with non-profit organizations all across the country! Your contributions have helped build new facilities, provide meals, put kids and students through programs, and provided care for those who need it most! We owe a lot to our awesome participants, and couldn’t do as much good without you!

                We have partnered with many wonderful organizations throughout the years. Check out a few of them below:

                Special Olympics
                Shoes 4 the Shoeless
                Ronald McDonald House Charities
                Relay For Life
                The Sports Corp
                United Way
                Three Square
                And many others!

                Are we coming to a city near you, but you don’t see a charity on our website? We’re always looking for new amazing organizations to work with! Comment below with a non-profit organization you’d like to see us work with in your city! You can also have your favorite charity email us at

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The History of The Great Inflatable Race

Mar 06,2017

We know how much you love The Great Inflatable Race, but did you know that it started out as a little run in a small college town? Would you believe us if we told you that just one inflatable weighs 2,700 pounds? We sat down with the VP of Operations-Phillip Wright to get the scoop on how The Great Inflatable Race (TGIR) was founded and what it takes to put one of the events on!

The Great Inflatable Race started at Utah State University in 2012. One of the fraternities on campus, Sigma Phi Epsilon, had a party with a giant inflatable slide that was a huge hit. This party spurred the idea for more events with inflatables, specifically a run with nothing but inflatable obstacles. Phillip Wright, along with the help of Jace Cairns (Operations Manager), partnered with Utah State University to host the first TGIR in September of 2012.

The Great Inflatable Race was the first and the original all-inflatable fun run! Because of this, it started out with only one event held each year in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2015 Phillip went to a Race Directors Conference and met Ken Richardson-CEO of FundRacer Event Management and the two merged forces. From there the rest is history! TGIR spread nationwide with events currently in half of the United States and over 40,000 participants to date, and it continues to grow every day!

TGIR’s Mission is simple: Our races are not about winning. They’re about joining. They’re about getting out and getting active. When you join The Great Inflatable Race, you are joining a movement that ignites a passion for health and for community. We want people to join us who may not have an interest in your typical “workout”. Our events are designed to be fun AND good for you! We’ve had numerous participants that completed our race as the first step in their fitness journeys and have gone on to lose hundreds of pounds! We want to give you a boost on your way to success, health, and happiness!

How exactly do we get all of this done? Preparations for The Great Inflatable Race start months in advance. It takes a designated team of highly skilled employees and a ton of man and machine power! (Literally, because our inflatables weigh tons.) With the experience and leadership of Ken Richardson and Phillip Wright, TGIR is able to positively impact the lives of thousands of individuals all across the U.S., and we can’t wait to come to a city near you!

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