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4 tips to a BOUNCETASTIC summer!

Jul 06,2019

Summer is here! This means that you have more daylight, warm weather and have access to all the fun things you can possibly do during summertime! Now that the summer months are here, it is likely that you are wondering what fun things you can do. Whether you have just graduated, entering your summer vacation or if you’re just looking for something active to do, here are four excellent ways to get moving this summer!


  1. Hit the trails

No matter what your geographical location looks like, odds are, you have access to some form of outdoor trail whether it is on the mountain to hike up, on the roads for a flat surface, or even if it is off-road on the path less taken, take advantage of your ability to walk, run, or hike and utilize your natural resources! Today we are surrounded by technology. Get out of the house, get the kids off their electronic devices, find a new trail and create some memories!

One of the apps that we recommend is the AllTrails app. This is a great resource to view the locations of various trails. You can track your favorite trails, share them with friends and find paths that are best suited to your exercise of choice and experience level.


  1. Swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding, oh my!

Exercise doesn’t always have to be in the gym, nor does it mean you have to run marathons. We prefer to use our natural resources with family through exercising in nature. Some of our favorite outdoor activities are swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding! We have compiled a few free tracking apps that will help you track your swim workouts.

If swimming is not for you, try your hand in a paddle boarding or kayaking lesson! There are local resources available to learn the best tips and tricks. Many universities and outdoor equipment shops provide day rentals, so you have the tools and resources to get moving and stay active this summer!


  1. Start a new fitness routine

Jumping into a regular fitness routine can be difficult to stick with. We recommend starting a new program with someone you are close to so you can hold each other accountable. Success and goal achievement is best experienced with those who are in our corner. Here are some tips to consider when beginning a new fitness routine.

  1. Set clear, measurable, and attainable goals
  2. Design your program and structure it to your needs
  3. Get help from resources (do your research!)
  4. Shake up your routine – add various movements and workouts
  5. Make time for recovery and stretching
  6. Stay patient and stay consistent
  7. Hold yourself accountable

Need a little extra motivation to stay on top of your goals? Consider using one of these apps:



  1. Join us at The Great Inflatable Race!

If you are the kind of person (and we know you are) who loves to have fun during workouts, The Great Inflatable Race is the perfect event for you! The Great Inflatable Race is the first and original inflatable obstacle fun run that uses giant inflatables spread throughout the running course.  

You'll start the race climbing one of our inflatables and then race your friends and family to the next inflatable obstacle. This bouncy course contains between 8-10 massive inflatables that will bounce, bump and slide you all over the place! You'll finish the race with a perfect photo op on our final inflatable, and after a nice refreshing drink, you can check out our awesome Inflatable Village.


We hope these tips will serve as great resource to stay active this summer!


By the way…

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