5 Reasons to Sponsor The Great Inflatable Race

Aug 29,2019

  1. Face to face engagement

You will have the opportunity to engage with potential clients and customers through having a 10x10 booth space at the race! As the participants head to the start line, they will be able to see your booth and engage with you. More human interaction results in lead generation and experiential touch points. Turn those leads into customers!

  1. Promotional materials and products in participant packets

You’ve decided to become a sponsor, great! Now that you are in, you will be able to have your brand and/or logo printed on all promotional material. This is a great way for potential customers to keep your business in the back of their mind long after the race is over.

  1. Build your social media base and engagement

Your business will benefit by being involved as a sponsor in many ways. One of the most influential ways your business can increase its awareness is through social media. Your involvement will reach hundreds of thousands of people through our social media channels through social media mentions, contests and giveaways.

  1. Community involvement

Thousands of runners attend our events. They are individuals who are engaged in supporting a local charity, having a good time, improving their health and enhancing relationships! By sponsoring our event, your business will support local causes that will impact communities our races our hosted at.

  1. Involvement in a social movement

Your business will now take the first step in participating in a social movement! Staying active is one of the most important health benefiting factors. Our mission is movement. We believe that people coming together in their communities to have fun and support a common goal can empower them to pursue positive social change within those communities. Join our movement by sponsoring The Great Inflatable Race!



By the way, if you like movement…

Get your employees together to represent your company in a fun and exciting inflatable obstacle race! This is the perfect team-building opportunity to get your whole squad together. The best part about it, you save even more even when you sign up more people! Head to our website today and get your team registered!

The Great Inflatable Race is always looking for amazing people to work with. Establishing a real connection with the communities we interact with is incredibly important to us. If you are an amazing company who believes networking is highly important and if you want to go the extra mile and collaborate with an equally amazing team, we would love to partner with you!


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