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5 Ways to Get Your Employees Moving!

Jul 11,2019


The long meetings, the constant customer contact, the daily grind. While you expect your employees to be completely dedicated to your company goals throughout achieving their daily duties and responsibilities, it is easy to fall into a mid-day slump. Defeat those declining productivity rates through fun perks by encouraging active participation from your employees! Here are five ways to do it.

  1. Take a team walk around the building

Even if the walk is only for five minutes, gather your team, set your route, and take a brisk walk. This is an excellent way to keep the blood flowing through the body and to stretch the legs after sitting for so long.


  1. Provide a snack bar

Snacks! Who doesn’t love a good treat after a long morning of hard work? Keep your employees fueled with a variety of snacks that they have consistent access to. Keeping those tummies satisfied will keep their minds satisfied!


  1. Keep the office smelling fresh

Nobody wants to work in stagnant and smelly air. Keep the office smelling fresh and clean through using an automated air freshening mechanism or having airflow through air conditioning or ceiling fans (trust us, nobody likes a smelly office space).


  1. Get some fresh air

Encourage your employees to take a step away from their desks from time to time. The mind-numbing feeling of staring at a screen all day is no fun, and everyone knows it. Through encouraging movement throughout the day, your employees will remain active even while at work!


  1. Host daily mini contest (and check-in at mid-day mark)

There’s a little bit of competitive drive in all of us! Especially those jobs where the numbers are critical (sales, call services, anyone?). Create a fun work environment by hosting a daily contest! End the contest during the mid-day mark or at the end of the day to keep them motivated to work hard throughout the day.


We hope these tips will help improve your company’s movement!


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