Back to School hacks!

Aug 18,2019

Summer is over which means it’s time to send your kids back to school! Are you dreading this time of year? Don’t stress! While you may be feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending to-do list, here are ten ways to make the back to school process easier than ever.

  1. Write out a complete schedule or routine

    Make your kids’ (and your) day much easier by writing out a daily and weekly schedule. This is the easiest way to know what to plan for, be on the lookout for what needs to be planned for and prepare for the next day or week. By having an overview of what is coming up, you will be able to not only be extremely prepared for each day and week, but you can establish a sense of organization and planning ahead (which is a great tone and example to set for your kids!).

  2. Replace your flashcards with Styrofoam cups

    Ditch those bottom-of-the-backpack-destined note cards and step up your math game! Take four Styrofoam cups, write numbers 1-10 on the rim of two of the cups, the math operations on one and the equal sign on the other. This way, you will be able to work on those math problems with your kids without worrying about losing the note cards in your child’s backpack.

  3. Use a mirror as your to-do list

    More specifically, utilizing your bathroom mirror as a note-taking place is the best way to keep those important to-dos where you can see them. Each morning you can see what needs to be taken care of and what you need to prepare for.

  4. Plan out the week’s outfits on Sunday evenings

    One of the simplest ways to prepare for the week is to layout outfits for each day of the week. One way to do this is to purchase a closet organizer for each day where you can keep each outfit and shoes in separate containers. If you are running late, this will cut down on time spent getting ready in the morning.

  5. Color-code your notes

    Color coding is a great way to keep your child’s notes organized. Color coding notes, highlighters, pencils and even paper will help your child keep each of his/her class notes and homework separate. This can also be done by color coding your child’s homework schedule. Set time for each class through color-coding on a paper schedule.

  6. Start a sleep schedule a month before school starts

    Get out of the routine of summer and get back into being school ready by sending your kids to bed earlier than normal. While summer is a fun time to spend your days schedule-free, it’s important to get your kids back into a routine. Get started a month early so they can be prepared to get back to school!

  7. Have after school snacks ready to go

    Get ready for the rush of hungry kids! Instead of allowing them to grab those unhealthy snacks, prepare a weekly back to school snack pack! Set them aside each day so you are ready to get your kids refueled after school.

  8. Create a back to school emergency kit for each child

    Going back to school can be a scary time for your children. They can often feel overwhelmed, stressed or scared. Help ease their minds and stress by putting together a back to school emergency kit for them! Put their favorite snacks, toys, books, or anything else that eases their minds so they can bring it with them while they are at school. Just be sure to set clear rules about playing with their toys only during playtime hours!

  9. Designate study time

    Kids want to play, it’s in their nature! Before they begin to play with their toys, set a designated study time for homework to get done. We recommend this be after snack time so they can be refueled and recharged after a long day of education but before it’s time to play. One key incentive here is to use playtime as a motivator to get their homework and study time finished as soon as possible!

  10. Create a homework caddy

    Set up a designated homework station for study time. This should be a place of peace and quiet time where they can work distraction-free. On top of this, create a homework caddy full of the necessary school supplies they need to make homework and study time much more efficient!


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