Tailgating with the family – tips on how to survive football, fanatics, and food!

Sep 06,2019

Summer is beginning to end which means fall is fast approaching! If you aren’t looking forward to the cooler temps, get excited about tailgating season! We have gathered a list of great tips to help you prepare for the fall fun! 

#1 -  Plan to arrive hours early

            There are going to be hundreds, maybe thousands of people who are heading in the same direction as you. Avoid the stress and worry about claiming a parking spot and prepare to head out four to five hours early. Some individuals even plan ahead by leaving 12 hours before kickoff! Whatever time you think will be best suitable for your time frame, plan to arrive at least a few hours early to kickoff.

#2 – Prep your food the night before

            Ease the stress of the day of tailgating by preparing your food the night before. This will save you loads of time that morning and will allow you more time to cook and dish out your food. Marinate, skewer, lather, soak and season all your desired meats so you don’t have to worry about prepping the day of. Get them all covered in wax dressings and keep them wrapped tightly in the fridge or freezer. Prepare all toppings and sauces the evening prior too to allow for easy picking the day of.

#3 – Pack games

            This is one of the most important components of tailgating. While everyone waits for their food to cook, they may become restless (especially when kickoff doesn’t happen for another hour). Keep your kids, family and guests entertained by bringing some entertainment! Here is a list of some fun and inexpensive games:

#4 – Identify your vehicle

            It can be easy to get lost in a sea of tailgaters so prepare to make your vehicle stand out from the others! Here are some ways to help distinguish your car so your guests can be sure to find you.

  • Park near a distinguishable place
  • Make large signs
  • Rent a limousine for the day
  • Tie large balloons to your vehicle
  • Use giant flags
  • Rent a bus for the weekend
  • And if you’re a true fan…paint your car!

#5 – Prepare for the elements

            If you’re planning on being out for a long time during your tailgating session, it is wise to prepare and pack for every element. A beautiful sunny morning could turn into a snowy freezing evening and a rainy morning could turn into a blistering hot day. It’s always a safe idea to bring jackets, extra t-shirts, shorts, pants, and walking shoes just in case. Be sure to pack for every element and so you are prepared to adjust to anything!

#6 – Clothes organizers as equipment organizers

            Bring along a few of the plastic organizers for things like utensils, cups, napkins, etc. Set up a station that has labeled drawers so everyone can identify where things are. Use this station as a sanitation station where your family can wash up before eating! Here are a few resources where you can purchase these organizers

#7 – Stay hydrated!

            Because you know you will be the last remaining fan following the game, you must remember to stay hydrated. Bring plenty of water for your family to drink throughout the day and be sure to have enough for the evening too. It can be extremely hot out there while you are showing off your team spirit so be sure to prepare yourself for anything and everything!


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