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Solar Eclipse Festival

Aug 14,2017

Have you decided where you’ll be watching the solar eclipse? We thought we would join in on all the fun by explaining exactly what a solar eclipse is and a great place to watch it!

A total solar eclipse is when the moon completely covers the sun and its atmosphere. It will darken the skies around us. But don’t let the darkness fool you! You will definitely want to bring a pair of the proper solar viewi...

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Ways to Give Back

Aug 07,2017

Here at The Great Inflatable Race, we believe in giving back to each city we go to by partnering with non-profits and other organizations in the community. Every city, family, and participant is equally important to us. We know it can be difficult to find time to do service projects, but here are five simple ways you can give back to your community.

Volunteer, V...

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Cheap and Healthy Snacks On the Run!

Jul 17,2017

It can be hard to find healthy snacks to eat throughout the day whether you are working, playing, or taking the kids out for some summer fun. Summer may be a good excuse to grab some junk food, but there are many other tasty options that will give us the nutrients our bodies need. We have come up with some of our favorite healthy and affordable snacks that give us the proper nutrients to carry out our day!

GoGo Squeez Applesauce

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