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How To Make The Best TGIR Outfit Ever!

Mar 20,2017

The Great Inflatable Race is many things, but we bet you never thought of it as a fashion show! Everyone loves to dress up, and we get all styles from wacky to glamorous at our events! What sets the great outfits apart from the ordinary? Read through our steps below to guarantee you’ll be stylin’ on race day!

Step 1: Select your base.

Will you be wearing a spandex body suit, short shorts, or a onesie? Everything builds off this, so ch...

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Preparing For Your First Obstacle Run!

Mar 14,2017

So, you want to join The Great Inflatable Race? Obstacle runs can be tough, but we promise you’ll never have a better time running! It’s a workout so fun, you won’t even notice you’re working out! If you aren’t grinning from ear to ear by the time you’re finished, you may not be human! We have a big mix of participants who join us for our events, everyone from first-timers to obstacle run veterans. For our participants that a...

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The History of The Great Inflatable Race

Mar 06,2017

We know how much you love The Great Inflatable Race, but did you know that it started out as a little run in a small college town? Would you believe us if we told you that just one inflatable weighs 2,700 pounds? We sat down with the VP of Operations-Phillip Wright to get the scoop on how The Great Inflatable Race (TGIR) was founded and what it takes to put one of the events on!

The Great Inflatable Race started at...

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