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Meet The Inflatables!

Feb 27,2017

                What exactly is The Great Inflatable Race? We’re glad you asked! The Great Inflatable Race is the first and the original all-inflatable fun run established in 2012. You’ll start the race by climbing one of our giant inflatables and then racing your friends and family to the next inflatable obstacle that stands in your way! Every bouncy course is unique and contains between 8-10 massive inflatables that will bounce, bump, and slide you all over the place!

                Meet our awesome inflatables below!

  • The Castle of Doom – Sounds scary, but is secretly a TON of fun! What mysteries await you inside? 
  • The Shoe Slide - The Shoe is the iconic symbol of The Great Inflatable Race. So what better way to start the race than climbing up a giant shoe with your closest friends and family and racing each other down the huge slide? 
  • Volcano Escape - This beast of an inflatable will challenge you as you climb up the steep volcano side toward to the top and then slide down the other side before the hot lava can claim you for its own! 
  • Glacier – From hot to cold, we have you covered! Pass treacherous icicles and bounce your way through the “icy” terrain. 
  • The Ball Pit - "I'm too big for ball pits" is what you're thinking...well not anymore! 
  • Mountain Climb - Make your way past the fallen tree stumps, climb up the steep mountain side and slide down into the caves below before making your way back into the open! 
  • The River - You'll jump up into this bouncy obstacle and dodge fallen trees and boulders. 
  • Train Wreck - Picture yourself as a cowboy in the Old West. You're on top of a train, balancing yourself as you make your way to the other side... Now stop picturing, and make it a reality!
  • Moonwalk - "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Or at least that's how you'll feel on this gravity-defying inflatable! 
  • The Novice - Are you new to the wonderful world of inflatable obstacles? Then this inflatable is right up your alley! It's simple but still way fun!


Come bounce with us, and soon you’ll be grinning from ear to ear! What do you think?? Which inflatable are you dying to try out? Let us know by commenting below!

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