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Top Halloween Costumes For 2017

Oct 31,2017

Happy Halloween! We’re no strangers to costumes at The Great Inflatable Race. Every new race in every new location, we get to see a whole new set of people dressing up like their favorite characters, mythical or real. Because we see so many different outfits at our races, we have a prediction for which Halloween costumes will be seen the most in 2017!

  1.  Wonder Woman

This was a pretty obvious choice. With the Wonder Woman movie slamming the box office this year, it’s no surprise that she will be one of the most commonly seen superheroes this Halloween season. We’ve seen this famous Amazon at most of our races, and we hope to keep seeing her well into 2018!

  1. Eleven – Stranger Things

Stranger Things came out in 2016, but with the 2nd Season coming out just a couple days ago, we expect to see many interpretations of Eleven out trick or treating. If you’re all caught up with the new season, you might even be able to spice the costume up with a new look…

  1. Literally Any Animal

Dressing up as an animal has always been a Halloween favorite. We suspect it’s because the costume is fairly easy to put together. All you really need is a pair of animal ears and a sexy outfit. (We may have taken these rules from Mean Girls.)

  1. The Power Rangers

This is another movie that hit the box office this year and has lots of nostalgia for many Americans. These costumes are great for groups, so we expect to see a few of them roaming around this year. Grab a few friends and don your favorite color!

  1. Pennywise

With a reboot of the spooky classic “It”, this costume is sure to take the number one spot for scary costumes this year. Clowns are creepy enough as is, but give them some yellow eyes, creepier makeup, and a red balloon, and we’re out of here!

  1. Witch or Wizard

An age old classic costume that never seems to lose its appeal. Whether you decide to go the Harry Potter route, or classic creepy witch, this is one costume you are guaranteed to see this fall.

What will you be dressing up as this year? Comment below and let us know! If you’re feeling really daring, send us a pic of you all dressed up!

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How To Make The Best TGIR Outfit Ever!

Mar 20,2017

The Great Inflatable Race is many things, but we bet you never thought of it as a fashion show! Everyone loves to dress up, and we get all styles from wacky to glamorous at our events! What sets the great outfits apart from the ordinary? Read through our steps below to guarantee you’ll be stylin’ on race day!

Step 1: Select your base.

Will you be wearing a spandex body suit, short shorts, or a onesie? Everything builds off this, so choose wisely.

Step 2: Accessorize.

Rock that tutu! Everyone knows they make you run faster! Want to add some fairy wings and shark socks? Go for it! There are no fashion rules when you run The Great Inflatable Race!

Step 3: To wig or not to wig?

Wigs can help round off and polish a look, but they can be hard to keep on when you’re bouncing all over the place. We’ll leave this decision up to you.


                What style will you choose to rock at The Great Inflatable Race? At the end of the day, anything goes! The more out there your outfit, the better! Plus, you’ll have a great time dressing up AND it will make for awesome selfies to look back on! So what are you waiting for?! Sign up for The Great Inflatable Race today and release your inner fashion designer!

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