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10 Ways To Be Healthy TODAY!

Jul 11,2017

We all have areas of our health we would like to  improve. Whether it be fitness, nutrition, or emotional health related, we want to help! We’ve compiled a short list of our favorite ways for you to start working on your all around health today!

  • Stress Management

    Stress, in small amounts, can be great for motivation and getting things done, but what happens to your body when you start feeling overwhelmed? Symptoms of stress can include: low energy, headaches, upset stomach, aches, pains, and tense muscles, chest pain and rapid heartbeat, insomnia, frequent colds and infections, and more. Learning how to best manage your stress is vitally important to bettering your health!
  • 2/30

    Ever heard of the 2/30 rule? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. For every 2 hours of television you watch, workout for 30 minutes. Seems pretty simple, right? This is a great way to get started if you are brand new to your fitness journey. Not only will this get you moving, but it will help you live a more balanced and well-rounded life! Who doesn’t want that?

  • Substitute At Least One Drink A Day With Water

    If you are a heavy soda, coffee, juice, or any other sugary beverage drinker, this tip can help you lose weight and improve the health of your body! Theoretically, one pound of body weight is equal to about 3,500 calories. If you are drinking one sugary beverage a day with an average of 185 calories, substituting that beverage with water will help you lose one pound in roughly 19 days.

  • Don’t Compare Your Fitness Journey

    With the prevalence of social media, it has become increasingly easy to compare our Instagram and Facebook photos to the likes of fitness models. Keep in mind that everything posted on social media is carefully curated to show someone’s best side. Plus, you never know how long someone has been working to get in the shape they’re in. Keep working hard, and support those around you!

  • Shoot For 7+ Hours Of Sleep Each Night

    Studies have shown that the average adult needs between 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Getting enough sleep can aid weight loss, improve mood, and reduce stress! It will be much easier to start a day with healthy choices if you’re well rested from the night before.

  • Reduce Your Screen Time

    More specifically, spend more time with the people around you. Relationships can dramatically improve when you turn off your phone, step away from the computer, and switch off the tv. Plus, your eyes will thank you for the break!

  • Don’t Do Drugs.

    Period. (Come on, you know the kinds of drugs we are talking about here.)

  • Organize Your Space.

    Do you have that one cleaning project nagging you at the back of your mind? Keeping a clean and organized space around you will help you relax and enjoy your home a little more. This can lead to better sleep AND reduced stress! It’s a double win!

  • Reduce Your Debt/Save More

    Being healthy includes financial health, and a huge percentage of the average person’s stress is based on money. Even if you’re only saving $5 a week, start somewhere. You’ll be grateful for that cushion if you ever need it.

  • Appreciate The Little Things
Try living in the moment more rather than focusing on what’s coming next. By doing this, you can appreciate all of the beautiful little things in life. Whether it’s finding a penny on the street or making your weekly fitness goal – appreciate all of the small victories!

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Top 3 Ways To Get Moving In The Workplace

Jun 20,2017

“EVERYBODY UP!” That’s what the office hears about 3 times during the day from one of our co-workers whenever his Apple watch forces him to rise from his desk in order to achieve another point on his standing goal.

Sadly, not all of our co-workers over here have standing desks and can reap the benefits of the new wave of standing while working, so we have researched and found some helpful stretches and exercises anyone can do at the workplace.

Slight disclaimer, your coworkers and boss might give you strange looks, BUT they also could join in. Either way, you have been warned.



  1. Standing Pigeon Pose

A fan favorite of the TGIR office, this stretch helps relieve the tension from sitting for long periods of time.

Although it may be a bit uncomfortable to do in front of your co-workers, the awkwardness is a good thing, because this stretch helps with fatigue and stress as well. 

  • Stand in front of your desk
  • Take one of your legs and lay it on your desk in front of you at a 90 degree angle.
  • Hold for approximately 8 to 10 breaths then repeat on the other side.



  1. Overhead Stretch

This one is much more subtle and almost everyone does it at one point or another during their day. If you already use this one on the daily, try a bit of a challenge and stand up and do some sunrise salutations. Another thing to note is to be careful not to overstretch when doing this. You can do more harm than good if you don’t do this pose with slow and controlled movements. That goes for all of the exercises in this post.

  • Raise your hands over your head
  • Interlock your fingers
  • Push away from yourself

-     Hold for approximately for 5 to 8 deep breaths.

Sun Salutation

  • Stand up
  • Raise your hands over your head
  • Interlock your fingers
  • Stretch up and hold for 3 deep breaths
  • Unlock your fingers
  • Send your arms and bend at the waist towards the floor
  • Interlock your fingers or fold your arms
  • Hold for 3 deep breaths
  • Repeat 2-3 times.


  1. Touch the Toes 

It’s a bit self-explanatory, but you can do this exercise while sitting down in your chair or standing up and go full out on your desk if you got some cool co-workers! What is nice about this exercise is it can be something you work on. You can gauge how far you go at the beginning of the financial quarter and work on reaching farther and becoming more flexible! Granted if you can already put your leg up and over your head, then maybe just stick to this stretch, because you’re definitely going to make some coworkers uncomfortable if you do that by the water cooler.


  • Stretch your legs fully
  • Reach with your hands as far as they go to your feet.
  • Do not bend your legs
  • Hold for 8-10 breaths.


  • Lift your leg to your desk and keep your back straight and upright.
  • With your back straight, stretch with your hands to your feet.
  • Hold for 8-10 deep breaths.


Remember, when it comes to stretching, take it slow! Going too fast could cause overextension which will turn a good work day into a bad one and could affect you in the long-term. Whatever you do for work, make sure to take a minute away from the computer screen and stretch so your nine to five turns into a nine to fantastic.

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Playlist To Help Get You Moving!

Jun 05,2017

Sometimes, the hardest part of working out is figuring out what jams to plug in that will carry you through your entire fitness program. We asked The Great Inflatable Race Team what songs they use to get pumped up, and we compiled the list below! You can even download this playlist on Spotify by clicking here! Follow us on Spotify @TGIRace to get personalized playlists just for you! Did we miss any of your go-to workout jams?


  • Eye of the Tiger-Survivor
  • Thunder-Imagine Dragons
  • Set Me On Fire-Flyleaf
  • You’re Gonna Go Far Kid-The Offspring
  • Stronger-Kanye West
  • The Greatest-Sia
  • My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)-Fall Out Boy
  • Big Bad Wolf-In This Moment
  • Heathens-Twenty One Pilots
  • I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix)-Mike Posner, Seeb
  • Blood in the Cut-K. Flay
  • Jericho-Celldweller
  • Pulse-Icon for Hire
  • Witching Hour-Coleman Hell
  • Love Me-Jane XO
  • Telephone-Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce
  • Numb / Encore-JAY Z, Linkin Park
  • Work This Body-Walk The Moon
  • All The Way Up (Remix)-Fat Joe, Remy Ma, JAY Z, French Montana, InfaRed
  • Thunderstruck-AC / DC

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