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How To Make The Best TGIR Outfit Ever!

Mar 20,2017

The Great Inflatable Race is many things, but we bet you never thought of it as a fashion show! Everyone loves to dress up, and we get all styles from wacky to glamorous at our events! What sets the great outfits apart from the ordinary? Read through our steps below to guarantee you’ll be stylin’ on race day!

Step 1: Select your base.

Will you be wearing a spandex body suit, short shorts, or a onesie? Everything builds off this, so choose wisely.

Step 2: Accessorize.

Rock that tutu! Everyone knows they make you run faster! Want to add some fairy wings and shark socks? Go for it! There are no fashion rules when you run The Great Inflatable Race!

Step 3: To wig or not to wig?

Wigs can help round off and polish a look, but they can be hard to keep on when you’re bouncing all over the place. We’ll leave this decision up to you.


                What style will you choose to rock at The Great Inflatable Race? At the end of the day, anything goes! The more out there your outfit, the better! Plus, you’ll have a great time dressing up AND it will make for awesome selfies to look back on! So what are you waiting for?! Sign up for The Great Inflatable Race today and release your inner fashion designer!

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